Dear Friends,After long time I’m addressing you so let me welcome you for the new topic.My new topic is about Filamentality. It is a web-based learning activity and we can upload it online without needing to know HTML. Filamentality helps us through the process of blending the learning goals as an Instructor Designer with the many resources available on the web.“Filamentality helps you pick a topic, provides Web searching tips, lets you use "fill-in-the-blanks" to gather good Internet sites, guides you with interactive pages that help you shape your ideas around whatever specific goal you have, and then, provide you your very own Web page on the internet." can use different set of educational tools like Hotlists, Scrapbooks, Treasure Hunts, Subject Samplers, and Web Quests to create our own activity or can select a suitable one from the Filamentality site.I liked the concept on which the filamentality works. I have uploaded a PPT on the same for your reference. Please share your views on this subject. You may share your present one of the tools of it.


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