"The depth of your observations from last night is still resonating with me. I'm trying to think of another interview I've given where the questioner understood the material so well that he/she so regularly (and fluidly) went into new intellectual territory. I can't think of any. Pretty amazing. Thank you."
-David Shenk

"Steve is one of the most influential yet understated individuals in the world of Education. He gives thought leaders a widely attended global platform to voice their ideas to transform Education, and he does so with tremendous respect and intelligence."
-Charles Fadel

"Steve conducted the most in-depth interview I've ever been through and I enjoyed it to boot!"
-Doc Searls
"Steve is the Oprah of education."
-Monika Hardy's Students

"The nicest guy in ed tech."
-Rushton Hurley

"Steve is a national treasure."
-Leonard Waks

"Steve Hargadon is one of the most important change-makers of our time!"
-Connie Weber

"This series is an important part of my work week and PLN."

"You've got the best educational podcast series I know of. Keep up the GREAT work. I am thankful on a regular basis for all that you do!"
--Scott McLeod

"I love how Steve zeroes in on the heart of the topic and how it fits into the current evolution of thinking / understanding in education today.  The topic / guest / discussion was perfect! ...  I've had more "A-ha" moments listening to Steve's interviews than in any other single experience." 
--Mark Tozer 

"I love the podcast with Audrey Watters - I download them via itune to my swimpod (waterproof nano- look it up) and have the most productive swim each week."
--Maureen Grenbaum

"Steve's questions and framing of the discussion is always so intelligent and thoughtful (thanks, Steve!) He makes a great proxy for us as the audience, in dialogue with a really interesting array of interviewees."
--Andrew Hiskens

"I learn so much from the questions Steve asks and the way he asks them! There is no one right answer and every person in the room can't help but think of their own answers to personalize the experience in addition to hearing the answers of the special guest. Steve is a masterful interviewer! I always listen to these interviews twice--once in the live webinar (partly listening, partly interacting in the chat) and then again on my iPod where I can completely focus on the content from the interviewer and the guest. Fabulous professional development!"
--Peggy George 

"Steve, as always, did an incredible job posing thoughtful, illuminating questions... So much to think about, reflect upon and learn more about... Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing these wonderful learning opportunities for everyone! I feel like I've acquired a high quality masters degree education from your interviews."
-- Barbara Lindsey

"I thought the content of the discussion was incredible... This was the first show of the kind I have attended.  THANK YOU! I really enjoyed it, and will look for more in the future!"
--Christopher Judge

"What a wonderful intro to what you do; can't imagine how I'm going to find the time to attend all the wonderful programs you offer."
-- Paul Signorelli

"This is such a wonderful format for sharing the latest and best ideas. I have read a lot of the material that your speakers produce but hearing them speak and address questions provides insight that just isn't possible to gain through reading the books."
-- Anne Sturgess

"I grow every time I tune into one of Steve's Future of Education interviews. I may not always agree with the presenter, and sometimes the ideas put forth are really 'pie in the sky,' but I always come away with a deeper understanding of how education needs to broaden and change to meet the needs of our children."
--Carolyn Stanley

"Every time I have been blessed to be on your live webcasts, I get a rush of inspiration, adrenaline, and encouragement.  Sometimes, as an educator with a very unique world view, I can feel isolated. This forum allows me to connect with my larger community of educators and forward thinkers. Thank you so much!"
-- Jori Martinez-Woods

"Great to have this kind of real-time world-wide access to the community of people thinking about and working in education."
-- Kaye

"Really well done. Nice introduction of music. Inspiring minds to follow. Thank you for such a great resource!" 
-- Carrie

"Informative webinar!  I learn, not only from the presenters, but also from the backchannel discussions.  What a fabulous community of practice!"
--Rachel Thompson 

"It was great, I just wanted it to go on longer!"
--Chris Little

"Great variety of guests, great service to education."
-- John

"In general, these sessions are brilliant and interesting - thank you for putting them together!"

"Thanks for organising these workshops and for the network.  I enjoy attending and connecting with people online in this way.  It is always exciting to be able to hear people who I have followed for awhile and probably wouldn't have the opportunity.  I am from New Zealand and have gotten up in the middle of our night to attend some of the sessions."
-- Tara Fagan

"Steve, thank you so much for hosting the Future of Education series - the conversations you facilitate are extremely valuable in helping us continually rethink and reflect on key issues in education. By helping spread transformational ideas, you are a catalyst for the positive change we need in education. I've watched dozens of the recorded ones, but every time I manage to participate in one (like last night) I tell myself, I MUST try harder to make time to join in the live events!"
-- Honor Moorman