Self awareness

Hello Friends, As we know building self awareness is a crucial for our personal development. It is said ‘we are what we perceive in us’. I would add here, we can form our positive self image by improving Self Perception.I believe, Self Awareness gives a clear perception of our personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. It allows us to understand other people, how they perceive us, our attitude and our responses to them. When we become more self aware we automatically begin to see aspects of our personality and behavior that we didn’t notice before. It facilitates us to make changes in our behavior and attitude.Let’s explore different facets of our personality by reflecting on following point/points.• Qualities I like about me.• What is/are goal/goals of my life?• What are my values and Ideals?• My likes and dislikesIf you have suggestions please feel free to discuss. I’m eagerly waiting for your reflection.

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