It's hard to manage thousands of student computers and monitor the online activities of students. Downloads, website visits, and installations can make your computers vulnerable to security breaches and malicious programming.That's why it is important to set guidelines with students on the first day of tech-oriented classes to ensure they are aware of online threats like clickjacking (a malicious technique of tricking web users into revealing confidential information or taking control of their computer while clicking on seemingly innocuous web pages), and download requests.Here is a list of the web's most dangerous search terms. The results are surprising. It's important to be extra cautious when linking to sites through one of these terms. They may contain infectious links and downloads.- Screen Savers- Free Games- Work from Home- Olympics- Videos- Celebrities- Music- News- Word Unscrambler- Lyrics- Myspace- Free music downloads- Phelps- Game cheats- Free ringtones- SolitaireFor the full article, visit Kiwi Commons

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