Online Activities of Children Under 11Children of this age range mainly use the internet for fun, gaming, email, chatting and instant messaging, according to Dina Demner a researcher at the University of Maryland who published a report in 2001 titled “Children on the Internet.” This age group accounts for nearly 10% of internet users (Media Metrix).Most popular sites:PBS for KidsHas games, colouring books and videos especially for young children.All Things DisneyFocuses on games and videos relating to Disney artists and characters.WebkinzA website that corresponds with the purchase of a stuffed toy called Webkinz. The site allows owners of the new toy to sign up and play with a virtual version of their new toy.Online Activities of Children Ages 12 – 18Youth in this age category share many similar interests. In a report by Cox Communications earlier this year, it was discovered that most American teenagers use the internet as follows: 14% blog; 22% chat using a web cam; 27% use a gaming system with a chat feature; 60% use instant messaging; 72% have at least one social networking profile; and 91% use email.Most popular sites:FacebookThe most popular free-access social networking website in North America.YouTubeA video sharing website where users upload and share videos.HuluThis is a popular site for teenagers of all ages as they can catch up on their favourite television episodes, watch clips and full length movies.The Sixty OneA unique interactive site that is very appealing for those over the age of sixteen. Musicians upload their music and the web site users can “bump” their favourite songs while earning points.Last FMA music site in which teenagers enjoy recommending music they know and new music they discover to others who are registered at the site.So what do you need to know about most of these sites? Well, many of them require some form of registration, where your child may need to share personal information (like their full name, phone number and address). Make sure you go over what personal information they should keep to themselves so they don’t end up sharing the wrong information with the wrong people, even if by accident.Click here for full article with links:

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