2013 RSCON Recordings

Session and Keynote Recordings

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. The first recordings to appear will be the full Blackboard Collaborate recordings; in a few days the .mp3 and .mp4 recordings will then appear.

Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use ctrl-F to search.


Sevim Açıkgöz RECORDING How to make the most out of Twitter and Facebook in classrooms
Anita Adnan RECORDING Using Skype to connect international teachers to learners in Malaysia
Faisal Ibrahim Kasim Al Shamali and Hermine Grigoryan RECORDING Ice Breakers and Warm Ups for All Ages
Elizabeth Anne RECORDING Teaching English to Scientists. The best of all worlds
Carla Arena RECORDING Digital Metamorphosis Based on Sir Ken Robinson´s Three Flourishing Principles
Maizie Avihayil RECORDING If I Can Do It So Can You
Rosemere Bard RECORDING Virtual Exchange Projects: Motivating teens to communicate
Derek Barkalow RECORDING Student-generated apps, animations, & infographics – can they lead to higher levels of understanding?
Mark Barnes RECORDING Keynote
Tara Benwell RECORDING Be A Newscaster
Michael Berry RECORDING Shadowing Students as an Effective Observation Strategy for School-wide Leadership and Change
Janet Bianchini RECORDING Visually Inspire Your Students!
Fiona Birkin RECORDING SEL in our schools
Arjana Blazic RECORDING Lifelong Learning in the Learning Lab
Lucia Bodeman RECORDING What is this 'new' writing? Shedding light on Multimodality
Fred Boss RECORDING Educating Myself with Twitter
Maria Bossa RECORDING ARGENTEGYPT- An Online Collaboration Project
Jeffrey Bradbury RECORDING Podcasting and Broadcasting in your Classroom with TeacherCast
Barbara Bujtás RECORDING Magic Tricks in EFL with Young Learners
Martin Burrett RECORDING Online collaboration to improve teaching and learning
Valerie R. Burton RECORDING Publish your ePortfolio using Weebly
Eva Buyuksimkesyan RECORDING Surfing safe on the net
Fabiana Laura Casella RECORDING Integrating the Four Skills and Tech tools in the English Classroom: Get your students to read, write, listen and SPEAK
Holly Clark RECORDING The Power of Crowdsourcing
Mary Collins RECORDING Transdisciplinary learning: the need for collaboration
Marisa Constantinides RECORDING Autonomous Professional Development Begins at Home
Marisa Constantinides RECORDING The Teacher as Scaffold Builder
Dan Curcio RECORDING Armed with Empathy: Creating a Classroom Climate for Collaboration
Evridiki DAKOS RECORDING Guided Discovery Learning in ELT CLasses
Rafranz Davis RECORDING Leveraging Mobile Devices to Develop Autonomy in Reluctant Learners
Elvira Deyamport RECORDING The Greatest Stories Never Told: Showcasing Learning Thorugh Social Media and Web Tools
Dina Dobrou RECORDING New Kids on the Blog
David Dodgson RECORDING ELT Sandbox – Promoting language learning through gaming
German Doin RECORDING Keynote
Jake Duncan RECORDING Gamification on a Shoestring
Everyone RECORDING Closing Ceremony
Noel Feria RECORDING 10+ Techniques for Empowering Students to Becoming Globally Connected Educators and Content Creators
Lana Fleiszig RECORDING Learning Math through inquiry and deepening Mathematical thinking
Terry Freedman RECORDING Ensuring that an educational technology project succeeds
Mallory Fundora RECORDING Keynote
Naomi Ganin-Epstein RECORDING Homework – A Powerful Tool for Individualizing Learning for Struggling Teen and Adult Learners.
Jackie Gerstein RECORDING Educators as Social Networked Learners
Laura Gilchrist RECORDING Workshop Model: Getting kids to 'talk back' to any text and enjoy (not fear) reading.
Laura Gilchrist RECORDING Dry Erase Surfaces in the classroom: Uncap creativity, expression, and enthusiasm for learning
Alfonso Gonzalez RECORDING Gamifying Your Class
Michael Graffin RECORDING Working in the Global Classroom - A Teacher’s Journey
Akevy Greenblatt RECORDING Flipping classroom roles
Nataša Božić Grojić RECORDING Give Them Homework They Will Love
Diana Gross RECORDING Global Education for All: The Effect of Mobile TechEd on Learners in Developing Countries
James Gubbins RECORDING Urban Legends Through Digital Storytelling
Sylvia Guinan RECORDING How to turn your learning management system into an online playground
Kieran Dhunna Halliwell RECORDING Culture Chat: Teacher as a resource
Jo Hart RECORDING Extraordinary Learning For A Digital Age (ELFADA)
Nicky Hockly RECORDING Future present
Sara Hunter RECORDING Cultivating Curiosity: STEM in the Elementary Classroom
Pravita Indriati RECORDING Developing Creative Thinking Ability in EYL: Based On an Inquiry Lesson for Nursery 1 Level in MindChamps PreSchool
Gareth Jacobson RECORDING Developing learner-centred inquiry & thinking - "The what, how and why"
Nina Jerončič RECORDING I speak meme!
Joquetta Johnson RECORDING Voracious Vocabulary
Gwyneth Jones RECORDING Secrets of the Remix Mash-up Generation
Tosca Killoran RECORDING Taking Action to make Changes in and to the World
Denise Krebs RECORDING The World Needs Your Contribution--Really! How my PLN Changed Everything
Suneeta Kulkarni RECORDING The Granny Cloud
Mats Larsnäs RECORDING The Wall - 8 meters Augmented reality in a school hallway
Chris Lehmann RECORDING Keynote
Cecilia Lemos RECORDING I am NOT just a teacher. A new mantra.
Jason R. Levine RECORDING Call and Response Tunes to Practice Verb Tenses
Tamas Lorincz RECORDING Mentoring is not just for novices
Jenny Luca RECORDING Project Based Learning - giving it a go in the English Classroom
Mia MacMeekin RECORDING The Power of Educational Infographics
Angela Maiers & Mark Moran RECORDING Keynote
Jen Marten RECORDING Six Degrees of Separation: Using Our Connections to Improve Global Learning
Maggie Maslowski RECORDING This I Believe Narratives (with Technology component)
Miguel Mendoza RECORDING Disability and diversity: are teachers up for social change outside the classroom?
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING The Changing Space (Face) of Education
Sugata Mitra RECORDING The Future of Learning
Mostofa Mohiuddin RECORDING English through and for ICT: using technology to improve English proficiency in rural Bangladesh
Paula Naugle RECORDING Mystery Location Calls via Skype or Google Hangout
Paula Naugle RECORDING 10 Sites I Can't Live Without in My Innovative Math Class
Flipped Class & PBL RECORDING Flipped Class & PBL
Todd Nesloney RECORDING Connecting You AND Your Classroom Globally
Todd Nesloney RECORDING Transforming Education with Augmented Reality
Bernd Nurnberger RECORDING Everyday Sustainability - Examples of Home Technology Choices for Empowering Students to Assess Value for Their Own Use
Panel RECORDING Transforming Education with Technology
Panel RECORDING Leading and Inspiring Teachers
Panel RECORDING Rethinking The Way We Learn
Rafael Parente RECORDING Keynote
Sam Patterson RECORDING How to use Puppets to Promote How to use Puppets to Promote Student Learning Student Learning
Luis Perez RECORDING nABLEing All Learners: Mobile Devices as Transformational Technology
Cherry Mathew Philipose RECORDING Doing Research in a Networked World
Heike Philp RECORDING CAMELOT and the Mists of AVALON
Ratnavathy Ragunathan RECORDING The Magic of Games : "D'Amazing Race" Project
Meenoo Rami RECORDING Literacy in connected world
David Read RECORDING Digital Exit Strategies - Using Technology to Check Student Learning
Pernille Ripp RECORDING Passionate Learners - Giving Our Classroom Back to Our Students Starting Today
Edna Sackson RECORDING Direct Your Own Learning
Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto RECORDING The Iceberg and the Whale: Wow Moments in Teacher Growth
Jon Samuelson RECORDING Getting Out Of The Way - Students Take Charge Of Their Learning
Chuck Sandy RECORDING Keynote
Malu Sciamarelli RECORDING The Kindness Project
Tyson Seburn RECORDING Not your old school academic writing assignment
Leo RECORDING What adult language learners can learn from children
Tia Simmons RECORDING Picture Perfect Apps
Tia Simmons RECORDING Curating Content in the 21st Century
Adam Simpson RECORDING I’m an EAP teacher… but who am I?
Heidi Siwak RECORDING Facilitating Inquiry
Marijana Smolčec RECORDING Student-Teacher-Facebook, Yes or No?
André J. Spang RECORDING Mobile learning scenarios with tablets, social media and OER @ a Highschool in Cologne, Germany
John T. Spencer RECORDING Keynote
Graham Stanley RECORDING Remote teaching, distance learning, team teaching or blended learning?
Vance Stevens RECORDING From teacher networked learning to transformation in your classroom
Josh Stumpenhorst RECORDING Keynote
James Taylor RECORDING Making The Most of Reading
Kelly Tenkely RECORDING Connections Through Inquiry
Salome Thomas-EL RECORDING The Immortality of Influence: Believing Every Child Can Achieve Their Dreams
David Truss RECORDING Shifting Learning
Sonya Van Schaijik RECORDING Around the World in Nearly 80 Days
ANNA VARNA RECORDING Language Learning in 29 languages – a lifetime adventure
Jennifer Verschoor RECORDING Jazz up your classes with technology
José Luis Vilson RECORDING Keynote
Revathi Viswanathan RECORDING Individualized Instruction for Enhancing Work Efficiency
Waters RECORDING Putting the Pieces Together Through Digital Curation
David Wees RECORDING Programming in Math Class
Chris Wejr RECORDING Educational Leadership: Creating the Conditions for Passion and Innovation
Steve Wheeler RECORDING Keynote
Ika Sari L Wibowo RECORDING Online Learning- Encouraging learners of English to connect and to learn English Actively
Tim Wilhelmus RECORDING Building Playgrounds
Dr. RECORDING If you build it. they will come: Flipping Professional Development
Meg Wilson RECORDING iAuthor a Global iBook on the iPad
Michelle Worgan RECORDING Creativity with Kids - Using Online Tools
Joan Young RECORDING Facilitating “Wow” Learning through Humor, Novelty, Awe, and Fascination
Gallit Zvi RECORDING Genius Hour