RSCON Guests

Jason Levine
Teacher-Trainer-Knowledge Entertainer. Creator of music for learners worldwide.

During our opening ceremony Friday, July 11th (9amET), 2014, we will enjoy the lyrical sensation, @FluencyMC, Jase Levine. Jason R. Levine (Jase, for short) has fifteen years of experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. He the creator of ColloLearn, an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC.

Jase is currently Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ where he leads ELT Techniques, the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for the professional development of English language teachers worldwide. He also teaches in the online MA TESOL program at the New School and writes songs and chants for several publishers, including Oxford University Press. He is chair-elect of the TESOL Interest Section Video and Digital Media and works as an English Specialist for the U.S. Department of State.
In addition to maintaining the popular ColloLearn YouTube channel and Fluency MC Facebook page, Jase is an active administrator of over a dozen Facebook groups for English language teachers and learners, including How to Improve Your English, Fluency MC Fans and Innovative Teachers of English.

Chaouki M'kaddem
Teacher, Poet, Teacher Inspirer, Tunisia


During our RSCON Reflection Party ceremony Saturday, July 12th (8amET/1pmUK), 2014, we will enjoy the inspirational poetry of Chaouki.

Chaouki M’kaddem is a Tunisian senior EFL teacher. He has been teaching for more than twenty years in Tunisian public schools. He has been taking part in many international conventions, including TESOL International, USA, MATE, Morocco, and TATE, Tunisia. He is a creator and active administrator of many Facebook groups for English teachers and learners, including Innovative Teachers of English which has about 35000 members so far.Besides teaching, he writes short stories and fables, songs and chants, and poetry.

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