MiniCon April

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Time: 9:30am to 1pm EDT / Time Zone Converter

This year we are hosting 2 half day free online events. On April 6th, we will feature musical guest Jason Levine, keynote speaker Steven Anderson, a technology smackdown event that anyone can sign-up for, and eight mini-presentations that highlight RSCON4 and give you a sneak peek at what to expect at our annual Reform Symposium Free Online Conference (RSCON5), that will take place July 11-13th, 2014 and feature 60+presentations, 2 plenaries, 10 keynotes, student presenters, and much more.

We welcome you to attend as a Technology Smackdown presenter, one of our 8 Inspire Presenters, or as an attendee.


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9:30am EDT - Opening Ceremony + Musical Guest Jason Levine

Teacher-Trainer-Knowledge Entertainer. Creator of music for learners worldwide.

During our opening ceremony (9:30amET), we will enjoy the lyrical sensation, @FluencyMC, Jase Levine. Jason R. Levine (Jase, for short) has fifteen years of experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. He the creator of ColloLearn, an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC.

10am EDT - Keynote Steven Anderson on Learning, Connecting and Leading

We live, work and teach in exciting times. Kids and adults have a world right at their fingertips. It takes a special educator to lead kids and the rest of us to this bright future. Join Steven W. Anderson as we will look at our past and how we can use it to shape our future and how we can all be leaders, no matter our role.


11am EDT - 8 Inspire Presenters  |  Inspire Presentation Descriptions

12pm EDT - Technology Smackdown

1pm EDT - Closing Ceremony



Our half day events are a great way to introduce your colleagues to an online conference. We have the following press materials you can email or print! It’s free! Get them inspired today!

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April MiniCon Inspire Presentations

André J. Spang, Germany, @Tastenspieler
Title: Be a Maker not a taker!
Description: "For children and adolescents digital media and the internet don't mean technology, but natural environment and culture." - For a 21st century learner, it is important to create and share content and connect, collaborate and learn from and together with others - sharing is caring!


Sue Beckingham, UK, @SueBecks
Title: Why you need a professional online presence and how to do it!
Description: This presentation will highlight the importance of a professional online presence, what this might look like, and how to achieve it.


Eva Buyuksimkesyan, Turkey, @Evab2001
Title: Flip Quiz
Description: In this short presentation, I'll introduce FlipQuiz ( and explain how I use in the class and tell how my students react.


Sylvia Guinan, Greece, @ESLBrain
Title: Brainfriendly ways to help students memorise language creatively
Description: Memorising language chunks creatively helps students to develop fluency whilst improving critical thinking skills. The ideas are short, practical, and based on experience, research, educational psychology , technology and best practice. and experimentation. Inspired by literature, poetry, arts, mnenmonics, mindmapping, visual thinking, and multi-sensory associations.


Matthew Miller, Egypt, @matthewm1970
Title: Playing to RAMP up learning

Description: What would our classrooms be like if
* students picked their own projects?
* students graded themselves?
* thinking about their own learning was exciting to students?
* class was so interesting students voluntarily showed up early and stayed late?
Want to find out? Join me to look at my class!


Paige Hale, US
Title: Working together: Apps and tools for collaboratively building students' writing skills
Description: This session will explore online apps and tools for building students' writing skills. It will focus on tools that allow students to work collaboratively and encourage networking and social interaction. Tools covered during the presentation will include Google Apps, blogging programs, and social media formats including Edmodo and others.


Valerie Burton, US, @MsBisOnline
Title: Publish your ePortfolio using Weebly
Description: This session highlights Weebly allows you to create a class website, ePortfolio, publish announcements, tips and reminders for parents and students. Share your work and the work of your students by highlighting classwork, community service activities, awards and recognitions.


Jackie Gerstein, US, @JackieGerstein
Title: STEAM and Maker Education: Inclusive, Engaging, Self-Differentiating
Description: A brief overview of the characteristics of a STEAM-driven Maker Education will be presented:
• Maker education lends itself to 100% engagement by 100% participants almost 100% of the time.
• Age levels and gender are blurred; does not affect participation, engagement, and interest.
• Maker education has roots and traditions in progressive and experiential education.
• Maker education is self-differentiating.
• Maker education reinforces and teaches resilience


Malu Sciamarelli, Brazil, @malusciamarelli
Title: Creative Writing can be taught!
Description: Is it true that writing is the most difficult skill for L2 learners? In this presentation, we will see the factors to consider when teaching writing, build on what the best practices should be based on teachers themselves and their experiences, and use some activities to develop students’ creative writing.