RSCON 2014

We hope you were inspired by the Reform Symposium Free Online Conference (RSCON) events that took place July 10-13th. The online global event featured 50+ presentations11 keynote speakers3 panel discussions, and a tech/app swapalooza.

Our plenary, Dean Shareski, began the conference by challenging us to spread joy in our practice. Our keynotes came from 9 countries and our presenters from over 15 countries.

Topics included mobile learning, gamification, differentiation, writing web tools, passion based learning, maker education, teaching english language learners, demand high teaching, Chess, puppets, Minecraft, digital portfolios, and much more! Two of our keynotes were students who started their own companies and one of our presenters was a 10 year-old Youtuber who walked us through machinima and Mindcraft.


If you missed any of the sessions, find all the recordings here,

On July 10th, we hosted our first pre-conference Author Spotlight. Find the short video interviews here,


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Thank you for supporting our presenters, keynotes, and plenary who dedicate time to inspiring you! Please share their presentations and resources. Don’t forget to thank them for the inspiration.


Thank you for attending!

Conference Organizers:
Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Peggy George Marcia Lima, Heike Philp, Marijana Smolcec, Amy Brinkley and Steve Hargadon

Conference Overview

Friday, July 11th  

Welcome with the lyrical master, Jason Levine, @FluencyMC

Plenary: Dean Shareski, Whatever Happened to Joy?

Keynote: Vicky Loras (CH), The Human Touch

Keynote: Paige Woodard (US), Reinventing Student Development 

Panel: Humility & Humble Bragging: What are the Guidelines? 

Rae Pica, Daisy Dyer Duerr, Erin Klein, and Don Wettrick

Keynote: Nick Sousanis (US), Unflattening: Thinking Through Comics 

Saturday, July 12th 

Reflection Ceremony with poet Chaouki M’kaddem

Keynote: Amy Burvall, RemixED: The Power of Remix, Mashup, & Recontextualization

Tech Tool & App Swapalooza

Keynote: Tosca Killoran (DE), Character Education in a Digital Age

Keynote: Todd Nesloney, Inspiring Kids

Keynote: Valeria Benevolo França (BR), Sensing Our Teaching Space: Changing Our Practice

Panel: Revolutionize Your Classroom by Producing Mind-blowing Media

Jeff Bradbury, Theresa Stager, Dr. Sam Patterson, Dr. Spike Cook, & Chris Nesi

Keynote: Mark Martin (UK), Tech, Education, & Passion

Sunday, July 13th 

Keynote: Dan Haesler (AU), More than Hearing the Student Voice 

Keynote: Zak Malamed (US)

Keynotes: Jennifer Verschoor (AR) & Ozge Karaoglu (TR), My First Digital Journey: Children & Technology

Keynote: Rafranz Davis, Building A Community of Engaged Learners

Panel: Leading & Inspiring Teachers

Lisa Dabbs (US), Marisa Constantinides (GR), Arjana Blazic (HR), & Paul Braddock (ES)



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